I started Juggalos Against Hate to make the Juggalo world aware of how we interact with other people. Not just with Juggalos, but 'normal' society as well. We as a human race like to put people in categories and decide what their unflattering traits are. We then point them out, maybe have a laugh or two. This isn't OK.

Juggalos Against Hate is about accepting others for who they are. It's about seeing somebody you don't even know who is fat, skinny, disabled, burned, attractive, unattractive, smart, funny, emo, goth, or preppy and Accepting Them For Who They Are. And who they want to be. We are all DIFFERENT. We come in different shapes, sizes, genders, sexual preferences, personalities; you name it. It's our duty as a Juggalo Society to accept people how they come.

We say we're different from regular society. How? We dress different, right? We listen to a different kind of music. We paint our face like clowns. But how are we different inside ourselves? We still have a portion of us who cause trouble. We still have a portion of us who give us a bad name. We still have a portion of us who ruin our events. Juggalos who go around looking to pick fights, and arguments. Regular society does this too! We have the same problems. This also means accepting the Los n Lettes that are causing the trouble. It means holding yourself back from a fight. It means TRYING not to give into all those hateful feelings we experience about other people.

This isn't about being perfect. This isn't about being better than someone else. Or below somebody else. This is about trying to end hate. We all have hate inside us. Negative thoughts. Some use it against others, some against themselves. It's ok. we're human. The whole point is this:

When you wake up in the morning, you have to make a choice. Are you going to treat the world how they treat you? Or are you going to try to treat the world how you would want to be treated? If you approach someone else with anger and hate, you cannot expect them to approach you with love and compassion.

Think about it. When you cause someone else to have a bad day, they cause somebody else to have a bad day; the cycle continues forever until it comes right back to you. Are you going to keep passing the hate along? Or stop it in it's tracks?

— Kong the Juggalo

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